« I am blond I am strong and I got this »

First, I don’t really understand all the hate for the movie or for the main actress of « I feel pretty » since I literally fell in love with it and went twice to the cinema in Belfast to see it. I don’t get why a movie which message is « Hey you don’t look like women on magazines well that’s ok because the most important thing is that you are you and you are unique and you are worth it » is receiving so much criticizm. Anyway, I won’t pay attention to all the negativeness about all this anymore. I prefer to continue to love the whole production of « I feel pretty ».

For me the movie was perfection because the character of Renée is very similar to myself. Even at the second time I saw it I cried. I loved practically eveything in it. I recognized myself in all the situations she was when she felt like she wasn’t good, pretty enough.


Here are some things I noticed and wanted to share here :


  • My favorite scenes are the ones I thought were very funny and powerful such as the time at the gym where she discovered her new self and freaks the receptionist out, I adored it. Also the contrast when she leaves the gym screaming of joy and dancing like an insane chick and the first one we saw before when her pants ripped off and she walked home full of shame. Other favorite scene of mine : when she is dancing for the bikini contest, full of confidence and sexiness.


  • The times when she looks at herself in the mirror and starts getting tears in her eyes was also very significant for me because I recognized myself in her too at some points of my life. I think she did a good job on these scenes (since we mostly know the actress for her comedy sketches).


  • The men in the movie : We see mostly  two masculine character in the movie, Renée’s boyfriend (Ethan) and the handsome brother of Avery (Grant). It was good to see that Ethan is very shy and cares about other people’s opinion since he is really insecure. She really admires Renée because she is doing what she wants without paying attention of what people might say (WELL, even if she thinks everybody loves her but anyway :D). For instance, very often while it’s time for the love scene of your life it’s kind of commun that the girl wishes to put the lights off and in the movie it’s more the guy who is afraid and tries to keep the lights off. Also, another funny fact is that the cute and handsome and rich and blablabla guy can possibly fell in love with someone quite different from him because it has, at the end, nothing to do with how you look but everything to do with how you behave and feel (feeling confident makes you feel attractive) and that’s a very dear message for me.


  • In the movie we also see two beautiful woman who correspond to today’s norm of beauty (skinny, pretty faces, sexy..) and we quickly realize that Avery (the boss of Lily Leclaire’s company) and the girl from the gym, Mallory, also have moments when they feel like they are not good enough. The first one is at some points insulting herself and beating her head (YEP) and the other one got dumped by her boyfriend and says that she got self-esteem issues. So as we can see it happens to absolutely everybody.


  • Finally I really enjoyed the fact that Renée two best friends, Vivian and Jane, never seen themselves like unattractive or boring until Renée tells them what she is thinking, which is untrue (but thrue to her own vision of beauty). I shows that you can be happy being just yourself and necessarily wanting to dress up or doing things which does not seem appropriate to you since at the end you will always find someone, a friend or a boyfriend who is exactly like you and who is looking exacting for what you have to offer, you just need to feel good in your own skin and not trying to be someone else. So they are the ones who do not like Renée’s irrespecutful and hurtful behavior and who wake her up a little bit and make her understand that really matters.


  • Oops I forgot someting : In the movie we understand that Renée sees herself as someone super attractive and physically perfect and we wonder how exactly she sees herself since we only see the Renée Renée self (is that clear?). At one point in the movie Renée says « I am a Kardashian, I am a Jenner » so we could think that the image she sees throughout the mirror is close to how these famous TV women look like and that for her it’s what beautiful is.

I think that’s approximately all I wanted to say. This movie is one of my favorite and I was really happy I could discover it. If you have seen it please let me know what you think of it that would be great.

Have a great sunday guys, it is sunny here in Belfast and the Starbucks I am in is nearly empty so that’s amazing 🙂



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