Why is Australia damn cool

I was in Australia in January 2018 and I loved it. Let me tell you why this country is pretty amazing :

1. The sun + the good weather

While my best friends had winter in January I could enjoy the sun burning my very white skin. And that was amazing. I am convinced that the sun can make people happier, more relaxed and less stressed about everything. Because let’s be honest, I have never meet anyone in Australia who was like super anxious and running like a crazy rabbit (just like I used to do).

2. The Nice People


Even if this video speaks for itself let me add a few things here. The people are REALLY NICE. They are not faking anything. They just are really really friendly and it feels good to be around such positive energy.  Moreover there are people from everywhere there which makes places such as Melbourne or Sydney very rich of multiculturalism (this is a weird sentense, sorry). ! Everybody is living, working together and it does not seem to have any rascism there, it’s just perfect!
Also you might notice that the Australian accent is quite different from the US and other english-speaking countries. Actually I am not used to it and sometimes I had to ask the person I was talking to to repeat :’).
Finally, and that’s only my point of view but people living in Australia are damn beautiful/cool. They like being outside, play sports, the guys are handsome, the girls are pretty hot and most of the time you feel like :
BUT NEVERMIND it does not matter ; you are still in admiration for them because being sexy and nice and cool : that’s a good combo !

3.  Free Tram

Yep. You’ve heard me. When you are travelling within the city center of Melbourne you don’t pay when you go on the tram.
When you travel to Australia and you want to use the tram/bus you got to buy a special card that you recharge with your money (ex : OPAL card in Sydney / Myki Card in Melbourne). At the end of your trip, if you still have money on your card normally you don’t get reiumbursed. One more reason to go back to Australia, right?

4. Parks

People there love sitting in parks. Alone or with friends/family they have their books, mobile phones, music in their ears and they are just relaxing, simply taking their time to enjoy their day. One day I was walking for hours and I have decided to rest in one park in Melbourne. I have meditate for 10 minutes and I felt amazing after. Even with the traffic nearby it’s not really a problem and no one is bothering you (oh except these weird birds, let me show you what I’m talking about : )
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At one point it came so close to me that I said hysterically « Don’t hurt me please I’m on holidays go away » and thank got it listened!

5. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney

I don’t really like contemporary art. Most of the time I don’t see the beauty or even the meaning of it so I avoid these kind of Museums. One day I was online and I read an article of a girl who was travelling to Sydney and who went to the MCA in Sydney and loved it so I said to myself « Hum, why not ». BEST DECISION EVER MADE IN MY LIFE ! Please just look what I found out there :
Here you’re sitting/lying in a bed, watching a very special moving sky for instance
I didn’t want to leave this magical room full of lights !
Artist : Pipilotti Rist
Here is their website : ttps://www.mca.com.au
Price : around 25 AUD if I remember well.
To conclude I would say that I have just seen two cities (Melbourne/Sydney) and that there is a lot, a LOT more to see (yep, Australia is a huge country). If you want to go there to visit and work there is also the possibility to apply for a Working Holiday Visa and normally everybody can get it (unlike Canada for instance). If you want to simply visit the country I can’t do nothing but encourage you to do so. I am pretty sure you will love it :).

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  1. Oooh, bah j’avoue que, si l’Australie me tentait complètement vers 2010/2011, ça m’est un peu passé depuis, mais l’article a l’air fort positif xD
    En tout cas, le point sur les parcs est tutafé attrayant :-O

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